Are hot flashes a sign of menopause?

During a woman’s life, there is a period when the ovaries begin to reduce their production of estrogen. This event generally takes place between the ages of 45 and 55 and results in an interruption of menstruation.

This period, which is often difficult to live through, is called menopause. It is accompanied by a set of potentially uncomfortable symptoms, but on which it is possible to act. Among them, are hot flashes which we are going to talk about today.

Hot flashes: a common symptom of pre-menopause

For some time now, have you been feeling an intense feeling of heat in your chest, neck and face? You may be one of the almost 80% of women to be affected by these flushing. Your arms may also be an affected area, and possibly start to turn red. The flashes are not necessarily the result of a hormonal disturbance: a spicy diet, coffee, stress or certain allergies can cause similar symptoms.

However, they are also a sign of the onset of menopause, even if not all women experience them in the same way. These hot flashes may or may not be accompanied by violent sensations of cold , lasting a few moments or several tens of minutes. Although very unpleasant and still difficult to say, it is necessary to formalize the moment they occur, in order to best use existing means to limit their uncomfortable effects.

Monitor your lifestyle to combat puffiness!

Even if they find their origin in hormonal functioning, hot flashes are not inevitable. But the first thing to do is to talk about it . Glean tips : Take action on your outfit so you’ll be able to easily remove layers if you’re uncomfortable. Take shade, look for drafts or opt for a fan that you install in your workplace.

But above all, turn to professionals like Ymea to adapt your hygiene to this new stage of your life. They will be able to guide you in a personalized way. But you should already know that the puffs will proliferate in the event of excessive consumption of alcohol or coffee. Hydrate yourself. Eat cool , refreshing foods and be careful of spices. Limit or stop smoking and exercise!

A healthy mind in a healthy body and a healthy home

In fact, hot flashes are perfectly acclimatized to your stress. Anything that can help limit it will therefore be useful in the fight against these symptoms. Deep, regular sleep will be your best weapon, and it will also be helpful to use meditation and relaxation techniques like yoga or Pilates.

Finally, organize a wellness space at home , a space in which you feel good. This may be an opportunity to seize to reclaim this place, by creating a climate that suits you. Opt for a tropical atmosphere if it suits you, as long as it doesn’t push you to turn up the heating, that would be counterproductive! Redo your decor, dim your lights. Make those damn puffs a time to reinvent your life!


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