Fitness: some exercises to gain muscle mass

When it comes to sport and fitness, the most sought-after goal is mass loss, but what about mass gain? If you are planning to gain mass through bodybuilding, not all exercises will necessarily be suitable for you.

Discover a selection of the best fitness exercises that will help you gain muscle mass more easily.

The deadlift

The basis of the mass gain process lies essentially in the quality of the physical training adopted. To ensure optimal development of each muscle, it is recommended to work it at least twice a week.

In addition to allowing you to gain muscle mass in the back, the deadlift increases the level of physical strength. If you live in the north-east of France for example, finding a gym in Nantes to get started will be child’s play.

In general, to get the most out of deadlift sessions, the plate should be kept moving until the end of each set.

The bench press

To work your pectoral muscles, one of the most suitable exercises is the bench press. By doing this, you will also have to use your shoulders and your triceps which are stimulated throughout the exercise.

The results of the bench press are greatly influenced by the posture adopted during its execution. Ideally, the feet should be positioned flat and anchored to the ground on either side of the bench.

Neither the feet nor the head should be moved throughout the bench press to limit the risk of accident. Four sets of ten repetitions are more than enough to expect results fairly quickly.

The curl bar

Barbell forearm curls or barbell curls are an exercise of choice for gaining muscle in the arms. Both biceps are the main muscles stimulated. Two types of bars exist for performing barbell curls: straight bars and EZ bars.

EZ bars which have a zigzag structure are the most popular because they allow the wrists to keep a rather natural position. On the other hand, straight bars promote more tension in the biceps and therefore injuries to the elbows and forearms.

A mistake you should not make is to load your bar too much, at the risk of exhausting yourself too quickly without having worked the biceps in a targeted manner.

The squat

If your goal is more shapely and muscular legs, the squat is an almost essential exercise to include in your circuit. It works not only the deep muscles but also the superficial ones to give a beautiful result of tapered legs.

To increase the effectiveness of the squat, you can perform it with a heavy weight placed on a free bar. The trauma inflicted on the muscle fibers by this core exercise contributes greatly to the construction of more powerful and voluminous muscles.

The posture must be such that the legs are parallel to the ground to benefit from the maximum hypertrophic potential of the squat. When the sets are performed well, don’t be worried about feeling a trembling sensation in your legs and glutes.


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