Kubera Mudra For Health : Steps, Benefit’s And Duration

Yoga Mudras may be unfamiliar to some, but they are a powerful tool for spiritual enlightenment, utilizing the manipulation of the hands to channel positive energies. These intricate hand gestures establish a strong connection between the mind and the various components of the body, promoting a balanced flow of prana. Among these Mudras lies the Kubera Mudra, designed to evoke the energies of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, with the ultimate goal of achieving both physical and spiritual abundance. The Kubera Mudra is a powerful method of harnessing these planetary forces, allowing individuals to attain their deepest desires and manifest their highest aspirations. Its primary focus is on cultivating prosperity and wealth, both materially and ethereally.

The Kubera Mudra is a powerful method of harnessing these planetary forces, allowing individuals to attain their deepest desires and manifest their highest aspirations. Its primary focus is on cultivating prosperity and wealth, both materially and ethereally.
. The Kubera Mudra is a powerful Method

Kubera, the Hindu demi-god of wealth, is the muse behind the term Mudra. Mudra denotes gesture. This article delves into the intricacies of how to perform Kubera Mudra.

How to Do Kubera Mudra:

The following are the simple steps to practice Mudra comfortably at home:


  1. Arrange a yoga mat and sit in Sukhasana, Padmasana, or Vajrasana, based on your convenience
  2.  Direct your focus towards a single point if your eyes remain open, or you can close them. 
  3. While breathing deeply, pay attention to your breath. 
  4. This Mudra’s effectiveness significantly amplifies when you are focused with closed eyes. 
  5. Now, put your hands on your thighs with palms facing up.
  6.  Bring together the tips of your index and middle fingers with the tip of your thumb. 
  7. Ensure that all three fingers make contact, exerting the slightest pressure. 
  8. Let your ring finger and little finger curl towards the center of your palm. 
  9. Remember to hold this finger arrangement while placing it on your thighs. 
  10. The joint of your fingertips, pointing upwards, causes energy to flow upwards.
  11. This process ensures a calming sensation, aiding in maintaining your focus throughout the practice.
  12. Remain in this position for as long as possible, or around 10 to 15 minutes. 
  13. Then slowly release the Mudra, returning your fingers to a normal position.

Finger Arrangement Meaning:

Mudra entails using the Thumb, index finger, and middle finger in a specific formation that helps channel energy into the practitioner’s body. The planetary qualities associated with each finger are as follows:

Thumb is representative of the planet Mars, which is associated with the fire element. This finger imbues the practitioner with physical strength, leadership skills, self-confidence, and bravery.

index finger represents the planet Jupiter, which is considered auspicious and associated with the air element. This finger bestows upon the practitioner qualities of education, wisdom, authority, and spirituality.

Middle finger corresponds to the planet Saturn and is associated with the ether element. This finger encourages individuals to perform their duties and promotes humility.

How Long Do You Hold Kubera Mudra?

For those looking to practice Kubera for manifestation, holding the pose for around ten to fifteen minutes is recommended. By adhering to this timeframe, one can maintain focus and reap the calming benefits of the Mudra.

Best Time to Practice Kubera Mudra?

Practicing Kubera Mudra during meditation can be highly effective if you want to increase your concentration. There is no specific time of day to practice this Mudra, but practicing it during the hours of 4 to 6 AM can yield significant results.

For optimal and efficient results, practicing Mudra regularly for two months is recommended.

Benefits of Kubera Mudra:

The Kubera Mudra offers several benefits for physical and mental health, wealth, and prosperity. Here are some of the benefits of practicing Kubera Mudra:

  1. Balances the Vata Dosha: Kubera Mudra helps balance the air element or Vata in the body, which can improve cellular functions, breathing, and heart rate. It can also enhance focus and creativity to achieve goals.
  2. Improves Blood Circulation: The Mudra can improve oxygen supply to the heart, resulting in better blood circulation. This can lead to higher levels of oxygenated blood in different parts of the body.
  3. Promotes Brainpower: Practicing Kubera can enhance memory and focus, improving productivity and mental clarity.
  4. Fights Infections: The Mudra can help balance the water and earth elements in the body, which can help alleviate congestion, headaches, facial pain, and other symptoms of infections.
  5. Improves Energy Flow: Kubera Mudra can help remove obstacles and improve the body’s energy flow, which can lead to faster goal achievement and revitalization.

There are no known side effects of practicing Kubera Mudra. However, you should stop immediately if you feel uncomfortable while practicing it.

Incorporating the Kubera Mudra into our daily routine can positively impact our lives, bringing prosperity and wealth while invoking a sense of peace and calm by awakening new energy within us. The best part about this Mudra is its flexibility, as it can be practiced at any time of the day. Please let us know if you found this article helpful in the comments.


However, it is important to note that the information presented in this article is based on research and not a substitute for professional advice. It is always best to consult a professional for guidance if you have any doubts or concerns. The website is not liable for the authenticity or accuracy of the information provided.

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Are there any precautions to take while performing Kubera Mudra?

Anyone can practice Kubera Mudra regardless of physical abilities or limitations since it only requires a calm mind.

 Can anyone practice Kubera Mudra?

Yes, that is correct. Kubera Mudra can provide various health benefits, and practicing it generally has no physical limitations. However, it is always best to consult a healthcare professional if you have health concerns or need clarification on practicing the mudra.

When can we expect results while practicing Kubera Mudra?

“By exerting your best efforts, the Kubera Mudra can empower you to achieve your goals. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that this Mudra is not a quick fix and may not yield instant results.”

What does Kubera Mudra do?

Kubera Mudra is a hand gesture that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual prosperity, abundance, and the fulfillment of desires. It helps to increase confidence and focuses the power on wealth and prosperity, making it an ideal mudra for businesspeople.


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