Perfume burner: the essential diffuser to perfume your home

The perfume burner is today the essential diffuser of essential oils and perfumes for perfuming and purifying your home. Simple and quick to use, the ceramic perfume burner fits easily into any room in the house and helps eliminate bad odors while creating a unique atmosphere.

Perfume your home with scent burners

The perfume burner or ceramic burner is a diffuser that allows you to enjoy the scents and properties of essential oils very quickly.

Able to cover small spaces ranging from 10 to 20m2, the aromas of the aromatic concentrates are released thanks to heating of the ceramic caused by a tea light candle placed inside the diffuser or just below the tank.

Easy to prepare, the aromas are diffused in just a few minutes and you enjoy a unique and delicately scented atmosphere, ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

Why use a perfume burner?

The perfume burner, also called a ceramic diffuser, will prove very useful in many everyday situations.

For example, you can use it after a hard day at work. Against stress, anxiety or irritation, diffuse lavender or sweet orange essential oil and benefit from the calming properties of these aromatic concentrates. During a 30-minute broadcast, fully relax and recharge your batteries before returning to your activities.

Likewise, in the event of sleep disorders or insomnia. Diffuse bitter orange, lavender or chamomile petitgrain oil in your bedroom thirty minutes before bedtime. Remember not to leave your diffuser unattended and to turn it off before sleeping.

Then, your perfume burner will also prove very useful daily to combat bad odors. Cooking, tobacco, animals or humidity. In just a few minutes, these unpleasant odors will be replaced by sweet floral, fruity or resinous scents according to your desires.

And finally, the ceramic perfume diffuser is real versatile. Thanks to it you can vary the scents endlessly by diffusing essential oils, perfume extracts, and even scented waxes.

Which perfume burner to choose?

Today the perfume burner is available in different styles. Natural, modern or discreet, in addition to being a scent diffuser, it is also a real decorative accessory for your interior.

Most often, you will find the following types of burner.

Full ceramic burner

Classic but effective, the entirely ceramic burner is a fragrance diffuser made up of a single piece. Which does not make it any less a real pleasant decorative element since the ceramic is very often made up of openwork slits that filter the warm light emitted by the candle.

This type of perfume burner is ideal for relaxing in a cocooning and comforting atmosphere. Immersing yourself in a subdued atmosphere, you will enjoy your favorite scents while appreciating the sublime shadows created by the candle and the slots of the burner.

Perfume burner with bamboo base

More recent, the perfume burner is also illustrated in a more modern and natural style. Composed of a bamboo base and two ceramic pieces. One serves as a receptacle for the tea light, while the second is suspended above the first and serves as a reservoir.

This type of ceramic diffuser with a light and Zen style ensures equally effective diffusion.

How to use a perfume burner?

Using a perfume burner is accessible to everyone! Both simple and quick, all you need to do is first add 3 to 5 drops of essential oils or perfume extracts to the reservoir. Then place a tea light inside the diffuser, or just below for those with a bamboo base and that’s it!

In just a few minutes, you will feel the aromas diffusing throughout your interior.

With this method, you will benefit from a pure and intense diffusion of aromas. But you can also add a few drops of water to the tank to dilute your aromatic concentrates and thus enjoy a gentler, longer and slightly less intense diffusion.

To choose your diffuser, find more than 20 perfume burner references on our Diffuseurs d’Essentielles website.


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