Relaxation, classic or sports massage: can they be done safely?

More and more people are complaining of stress, back problems or muscle tension. It’s not surprising. In the age of pandemonium, many people do their work sitting in front of a computer, and it is difficult to find a comfortable and ergonomic chair at home. In addition, daily stress affects not only our psyche but also our body.

All this makes our muscles tense. We often feel pain in different parts of the body, making us more tired, irritable and less productive. The ideal solution therefore seems to be a massage performed by someone close to us. But can a person who has absolutely no experience guarantee our safety and the expected results?

How to perform a massage so as not to hurt someone else?

The Internet is full of guides on how to perform different types of massages: relaxation massage, classic massage, sports massage, facial massage or spinal massage. The latter carries the most risk. Few people know that by wanting to give pleasure or relief to someone, they can, in fact, make the situation worse.

What are the most common contraindications to home massage? If the person you want to massage suffers from severe pain (for example, in the spine), you should first consult a specialist instead of solving the problem yourself. You should also be wary of people suffering from various injuries or trauma.

You should also refrain from massages if you have:

  • high body temperature,
  • skin problems,
  • arthritis,
  • the presence of a hernia,
  • infectious diseases
  • or untreated heart defects.

Particular caution should be taken in the event of pregnancy.

It is not necessarily that a massage performed by you at home should lead only to negative consequences. If you are careful and have the necessary knowledge to perform it safely, you can try this massage training.

It is worth learning more about the subject before practicing an activity. On the Internet, you can find numerous articles on the industry, interesting books or massage training given by experts . Always check the source of the knowledge you acquire and seek confirmation from other sources. However, if you have any doubts, consult a specialist.

What types of massage can you do yourself?

There are many types of massage. From classic to relaxing, including pregnancy, sports, erotic, Thai, therapeutic, hot stone massage, etc. Most often, it is relaxation that arouses the most interest. You can have a full body massage or a selected part.

Before receiving such a massage, it is worth stocking up on special cosmetic products. You can use massage oils, olive oil or body creams. Before starting the massage, you must first warm up your hands so as not to cause discomfort to the person you are massaging. Then, using gentle circular movements, gently caress the skin.

Continuity is important in this massage, and it should not be interrupted. The movements should be gentle, and the whole thing should last about 30 minutes. To achieve the relaxing effect, it is extremely important to ensure good mood and a pleasant environment. It is best to prepare for this in advance. Dim lights, candles, vaporized essential oils and soft, calm music.

Other popular massages that are often performed alone are: erotic massage, facial massage, foot massage, neck massage or rejuvenating or anti-aging massages.

Accessories and cosmetics for massage

You can perform massage with your hands, or use special massage devices. The most common on the market are rollers, balls, pebbles, special massage stones or Chinese bubbles. Special massage mats are also very popular. While balls or rollers should not be dangerous, using stones, Chinese bubbles, or other more sophisticated tools carries some risks.

If you are not sure how to use a particular device, it is better to consult a specialist, who will explain everything to you and tell you which tools are best for your health.

You can combine massage at home with spa treatments. For this, the right cosmetic products will be very useful. The most popular are body oils, essential oils, scrubs or simply creams. You can also prepare massage cosmetics yourself. The cost of preparing such concoctions at home is much lower.

Take the example of a homemade sugar scrub that you can use as the highlight of a massage. For this, all you will need is half a cup of brown sugar, a little essential oil, 2 tablespoons of liquid honey and 4 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix the honey, oil and lemon together, then add the sugar.

However, before applying a cosmetic product, while ensuring a minimum of social distancing , make sure that the person does not have allergies or skin problems.


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