Some ideas for relaxing herbal tea recipes

Getting to sleep or simply relaxing is not always easy. Despite acute anxiety, a tiring day or exhausting stress, it is often difficult to calm down. Fortunately, there are easy but effective solutions to help you get relief quickly. Taking a good relaxing herbal tea is one of them. However, you need to know what product to use and how to prepare it. Here are some tips for preparing a relaxing herbal tea.

Chamomile, lime blossom, lemon balm and verbena to completely relax

Chamomile in particular is an herb recognized by the WHO or World Health Organization to combat minor insomnia and restlessness. Used as a relaxing herbal tea, it helps relieve stress . Lemon balm, verbena and lime blossom are full of flavonoids, including farnesol which helps you fall asleep. They are also perfect for optimizing digestion.

For the preparation, you need a bowl of boiling water and 5 to 6 dried flowers of the plants with a teaspoon of lemon balm and verbena. After about 3 minutes of infusion, the relaxing herbal tea is ready to be enjoyed. A little honey is welcome to sweeten everything.

Valerian and hops to sleep like a baby

These two plants are natural sleeping pills. According to a study done in 2010, this association allows you to fall into deep sleep quickly and effectively. They can therefore be used in a relaxing herbal tea preparation .

To do this, you need 200 ml of boiling water, a teaspoon of valerian root and 5-6 cones of dried hops. To optimize the taste, it is possible to add citrus zest and honey to the mixture. Everything is to drink before going to bed.

Orange leaves, hawthorn and passionflower: good sedatives

The European Medicines Agency recognizes the anxyolitic value of passionflower. Hawthorn calms the symptoms of stress, notably by regulating the heart rate. As for orange blossoms, it is a slightly analgesic plant. They are all perfect ingredients for a relaxing herbal tea.

Each element of this trio must be measured in equal parts (one teaspoon) and put in a cup of boiling water. This drink is not exclusively intended for the evening. It can be taken during the day to relieve stress and to relax at any time.

Orange blossoms and sweet woodruff: delicious tranquilizers

Sweet woodruff is a much less known plant than linden or chamomile. However, it has captivating tranquilizing and antispasmodic benefits. In addition, it is a plant that has a good flavor. To optimize its taste and effectiveness as a relaxing herbal tea , it can be combined with orange blossom. As the latter has calming properties, it can bring its sedative touch.

For the recipe, you need a tablespoon of each dried flower and a cup of boiling water. The preparation only requires a few minutes of infusion. A intake of three cups during the day is recommended to obtain the desired effects.


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