Yoga: what accessories to accompany my practice?

The practice of yoga brings many benefits to the body and the mind, through the realization of postures, breathing exercises and meditation which have the effect of bringing you to a deep state of relaxation. However, it is possible that you are not flexible enough or that you lack stability to perform these exercises, which is why there are many accessories that will bring comfort and safety to your practice.

A yoga block to improve your flexibility

The yoga block is an essential accessory for effectively progressing in your practice! It allows all yoga profiles, whatever their age or experience, to gain suppleness, flexibility and balance without the risk of injury by exceeding their physical limits.

It is very useful to compensate for a lack of flexibility during the performance of many difficult-to-perform asanas. It will allow you to reach the ground more easily, by acting as an extension of your limbs (arms and legs), as in the downward-facing dog posture for example.

In addition, it is particularly used to work on the flexibility of the spine! To do this, simply lie down on your yoga mat, and position it horizontally or vertically so that it elevates your back. Once you are in this position, simply take deep breaths and let your mind and body calm down.

When it comes to choosing the brick, nothing is better than a quality, eco-friendly yoga accessory like the recycled EVA foam yoga brick from the French brand Yogom!

A yoga strap to stretch your muscles

The yoga strap is not only reserved for beginners, it allows everyone to improve their positioning and alignment during asanas, gain flexibility but also stretch their deep muscles! It is very often used to warm up and stretch, but it is not only an accessory to compensate for a lack of flexibility, it is truly an educational tool allowing you to progress efficiently and calmly. in his practice. This accessory is recommended for performing asanas such as the pincer, the boat, the dancer or even the cow.

However, to fully benefit from the benefits of this accessory, it is essential to choose a strap adapted to your body shape. Your yoga strap should be at least 2m long, but if you are over 1 m75 tall, choose a strap that is at least 2.5m long. Regarding the tightening buckle, choose a metal buckle rather than plastic, it will better withstand the tension exerted during your exercises. Also, prefer a strap made of cotton or recycled materials rather than synthetic textiles because they are more ecological but also more resistant.

A yoga bolster to relax

The yoga bolster is a cylindrical or rectangular cushion often measuring 60cm long and 25cm in diameter, it is used to provide comfort during relaxation sessions. This is the essential accessory for practicing gentle yoga such as Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra or Restorative Yoga, it is designed to provide comfort and precision to practitioners in their stretching postures. and openings. It is also used at the end of a dynamic yoga session, during relaxation exercises: in the corpse pose (savasana), the butterfly on the back (supta-baddha-konasana) but also the candle pose (sarvangasana).

To make the most of the benefits of this practice, choose a bolster made of merino sheep wool, this material promotes relaxation, it is soft, and natural and purifies the air of positive negative ions. But you can also choose a bolster cover to fill with clothes, blankets or cushions, this is the economical, ecological and fun solution to equip yourself with a yoga bolster.

A zafu for your meditation sessions

Zafu is the ideal companion for your meditation sessions, it allows you to recharge your batteries both mentally and physically. This is a seat that brings comfort to your practice and allows you to adopt the ideal position and alignment: back straight and knees on the ground.

The zafu can be garnished with buckwheat, kapok, or spelled and comes in 3 formats:

  • The traditional round-shaped zafu allows greater versatility in the practice of meditation and yoga.
  • The half-moon zafu: it adapts perfectly to the shape of the body
  • The square zafu is very practical for traveling, but it is not as comfortable as the traditional one.

Are you looking for an accessory to support you in your practice? So don’t hesitate to get a brick, a strap, a bolster, or even a yoga zafu! This equipment will allow you to progress significantly while listening to and respecting the physical limits of your body.


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